original scan of headed paper
Saint Anselm's ontological proof

of the brief existence
Gez Larkin*
It's hard to believe that after five years attempting my religious brain-washing
none of the teachers considered a philosophical or logical approach
along the lines
first tried by the school's namesake Anselm of Canterbury 890 years earlier in 1078.
Anyway...I learnt a lot about sarcasm instead.
Almost all the following characters I've not seen since my expulsion by
the deputy head
["What are we going to do with you Larkin? Just go home..."] in June 1973.
No looking back (until now).
44 years ago; for some the answer to
the question of life,
the universe,
 and everything...

This is just the beginnings of a story of everyday disappointment... (TBD)...

Saint Anselm's Roman CAtholic Secondary Modern
My years (1968-1973),  Each year with four classes of approx 25 pupils from
Ashford, Chartham, Canterbury, Herne Bay, Whitstable, Aylesham, Faversham ++
Postmodern imagery?
Mr Dowding
Mr O'Regan
Miss Joan White
Mrs ("Polly") Perkins
Mr ("Talcy Malcy") Farmer
Mrs Iwas
Sister Helen
Sister Margaret
Mr Reese
Mr Crane
Mr Northcote
Sister Elizabeth?
Mr Johnstone
Mr Goodchild
Mr Simpson
Mrs Larkin
Mr Perkins
Maths, deputy Head (famous for wearing socks with sandals on rare hot summer days...)
Headmaster (infamous for anachronisms like "cuckoo-charlies" for brogue shoes...)
Art & Pottery (infamous...)
Metalwork, tech drawing
English (gravitationally challenged)
(such a feeling for words...)
Typing, scriptures (RE) & battle-axing
RE & nonphilosophical axe-grinding
Remedial English and corduroy trousers
Woodwork & Technical Drawing
that than which nothing greater can be thought
Mr Overy The much maligned janitor
There are more things in heaven and earth,  Anselm,
Than are dreamt of in your ontology...

*Where did
Old school motto was "Loyalty and
                Courtesy", not any more
Loyalty and Courtesy"
ever get me?
In the school shield; twelve
tears are not enough.

Saint Anselm's Roman CAtholic Secondary Modern PUPILS (a few that I can still remember, that is)
Lower years My years (1968-1973) Higher years
Mark Barnett
Philomena Larkin
Christine Williams
Philip Diffley
Paul Major
Susan Williams
Ellen Powell
Kieran Walsh
Major twins
Paul Kelly
Bernadette Major
Herbert  Kinvic

(Herbie -funnyman)
Christopher Nicholls
Andrew Smith
Micky Rice
Bernard Nolan
 Philip Cairo
Bernard Lawson

Shaun O'Malley
Liam Walsh

Ronald Gunson
Danny Donaghy
Paul Phelan
Sharon Wall
Sandra Ogden
& Susan Marsh
Melba Pereira

Anthony McIntyre
Paul Nash #2(Aylesham)
Paul Nash #1(Chartham)
Anthony (Swimmer) Taylor
Quentin Haslam
Trevor Wilson
David Taylor #1
David Taylor #2
(Tech Drawing,
Mark Twyman

Paul Dobson
Mark Meakin
Joanna McMullen
Helen Major

Gary Morris
Mark Rudd
Andrew Taylor
Peter Milton
Jonathan Love
Cormac Rumney
Peter Couzens
Denis Tobin
Leo Webster
Neil Comper
Wendell Denny
Susan Ashton
Nicola Page
Theresa Lennon

Christopher Edwards
Ronny Bishop
Peter Bishop
Dominic Jones
John Headley
John Burch
Micky McHugh
++ memory fails
Timothy Hodges

Theresa McGuire
Julie Brown
Alison Punnet
Sheila Higginson

Andrew Cole
Barney Slattery
James Dwire
David Major
Billy Major
David Nixon
Barry Lindsay
Maria Foreman
Robert Burkenshaw
Kevin Loftus
Helen (?) Loftus

John O'Connell
Colin Comper
Paul Spearman
Paul Dickinson
Christine Wilcox
Bridget Larkin
Desmond Nolan
Anthony Rossi
(sister) Rossi
Philip Major
Kevin Kinvic
David Milton
Nigel Higgins
Anthonio Rubio
Paul Nash
Paul Iwas
Margaret Nash
Pippa Clark(?)
Sheila Carberry
Thomas Burch
Kevin Murphy
Mandy Murphy
Mary McHugh
Mark Lawson
Mark Simpson?
Mark Body
Peter Katchakowski
Alan Alder
Eddy Breen
Pat Breen
Willy Breen
Madeleine Runciman