JPEG corruption can look nice....
ET Jaynes
                  masterwork inspires comedy...

How can it be that an obscure Channel 4 TV comedy (called CAMPUS)
has a library scene starring ET Jaynes' Probability Theory?
Actual front cover
Don't try this at home

My first attempt at Datamoshing.
Yeah it's trashy, but you have to start somewhere.
More to come...

How to datamosh.
Needs a little extra work
on Windows compared to Mac.
The 20 billion dollar Philistine...

My first brush with editing low quality base materials
in a mythical world where bad taste and money collide
with an inevitable explosion of great music...
This Is Serious Mother.

First shown on YouTube
to an audience
variously gruntled
and disgruntled.
Entropy used in Australian political

Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell political comedy Series 6 Ep 7, 23rd June 2016.
I wonder how many viewers noticed the NBNTROPY subtitle below our illustrious ex-minister for communication.  Well I thought it was funny.  Australia's National Broadband Network continues to be A JOKE.  Thanks to my colleague MAO for bringing this to my attention.  I only have screen shots of this one.  Maybe you can find it 19mins 36secs into the episode on

Closeup of the Australian broadband network
enhanced entropic close-up

The Exquisite Act
by Ché ‎ & The Wood of Worlds
                  detail from St Ché ‎1986 7inch record B-side

Simply transcends spoken word...

The Lone Groover rides again...