Demotivation-Surrealism-Non sequiturs
In your search for meaning it might be worth giving this page a miss.

Vulture capitalists
Ch ch changes...
a good fit
Absolute Zero
Complete Bankers
In joke for signal
Bunduki or
                corporate slogan?
Good name for a
Paul Dirac's deepe
Hard to believe
                but a certain company actaully chose this venue...
Knocked up lab
                door notice

Another lab door
                programmers can't C
First of the
                management mumbo jumbos
More innovation
                from a seasoned inventor
Punster funster
a really poor sense of humour
Another corporate
                logo lacking logic
Key performance indicator to end
                all others
Patent cynicism?
Not even a
                mondegreen, but I can feel a song emerging
I love this painting but can't
                find it on the web now..
Mere nothingness
Another hurriedly
                lashed together birthday card...
Punster huckster
Lone groover meets Sharko