Bunduki Stage 1:
The Flag Design Submissions

In no particular order:

Exhibit 1 (Doubles as eye test.  Can also be used to assess blood alcohol level.)


Exhibit 2 ( just will not fit in required space...)


Exhibit 3 (say no more...)


Exhibit 4 (self explanatory)


Exhibit 5 (watch out)


Exhibit 6 (looks a bit serious....)


Exhibit 7 (can be blown up if required...)


 Exhibit 8 (can jpeg be used to conceal identities?)


 Exhibit 9 (aha...)


 Exhibit 10 (Now you're talking...)


 Exhibit 11 (let's not try to upset the Nordic contingent...)


 Exhibit 12 (Tenuously based on an original idea by the contestant.  It is supposed to be a "virtual loincloth on a field of dreams".)


 Exhibit 13 (rescaled without the author's permission... it was much taller.)


 Exhibit 14 (Again, reformatted to reduce offence...but with little success.)


 Exhibit 15 (A 3D design to be viewed through a lenticular screen. 
                   Alternatively, six bottles of Cooper's have been known to do the trick.)


 Exhibit 16 (Speeks for itself, dunnit?)


 Exhibit 17 (Design executed in email.  Author still awaiting  execution.)


 Exhibit 18 (yet another original concept of white on white background)


Exhibit 19 (original concept as above, but rescaled to emphasise novelty)

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