Some great gigs, but only a small fraction have surviving ticket stubs:
Betta gigs
Didn't actually get to this gig
(Electronic Music Now)
but the best designed poster and flyer
My first Joy Division gig. We didn't bother
                  watching the Cure afterwards
My first Joy Division gig - breath-taking
June 1979
Only kept a few of the many BP tickets
Just a few of my BP and Triffids gigs
First (of very many) time seeing The Smiths
First (of many) time(s) I saw The Smiths
Just some of the bands seen at the Lyceum
1978 -what a great year
Supported by The The and Monochrome Set or was it
                  Manicured Noise?
First exposure to The The
But can you dance to it?
Minimalism 1985/2003
When was this?
Wow, cheap. Economics I suppose?
Ah! the infamous alsation grabs Pedro's jacket
What a palaver
More economical gigs
Don't even remeber this one...
Gret band, great gig
Brilliant gig
assorted bits and pieces
Do they owe us a living?
1979 saw Crass  and Poison Girls
so many times
Conway Hall, Pied Bull, Moonlight etc etc
Gasman Smith lives
I sang Gasman Smith in a trench coat
Ah! I remember it well...
More local music
Siouxsie at last
But never again...
Terrible tantrums - a real downer
Just one of thousands. Ah blind youth...
First and last LedZep gig
supported by Japan would you believe?
Supported by Japan (I missed them
trying to sell my spare ticket)
The Odeon?
Can't spell Blckhd
Great sound
Howard Devoto the light pours out of me...
Brilliant band
(guitar and bass transcendent)
Supported by Woody Woodmansy's U Boat
The radio's playing some forgotten song...
yeat another great Joy Division gig
1979 and 1980 saw this band all over
University of London Union may
have been the  best

New order out of tune again...
Out of tune again
as if punk had never happed
my first Budgie gig
1978 Post-Pre-Punk
what a waste of a day queing for this...
We all make mistakes