John Peel Excerpts

From my trusty Sony TC-377 tape deck (RIP)
and Sony ST-5950 FM tuner (still working)

After buying my first radio in 1979, until 1988 John Peel helped me construct
a soundtrack to life in Margaret Thatcher's Unknitted Kingdom.
I wish I'd bought it ten years earlier (Not Ten Years After).

Too Fat to Frug?

Birthday Party's first and subsequents sessions

Figure of Fun?

Big Jesus trashcan trashcan trashcan


The Smiths first session or the distant cry of a herring gull?

Up The Hill Backwards

If it's OK by the boss, then it's OK by me; pleasure is the boss

But now I've run out of web editing time, so no more for now...except my all-time favourite...

The man who's leading the planet by the nose

Oscar surveys the Pioneer RT 707                                                                           Get on backEl groover