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Some of my favourite soundz
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If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it...

The Triffids
Inspirational Australian band
I knew I'd have to visit the Australian outback after hearing this band.

TISM meets Steve Ballmer
I saw him in convulsive throes...
Greg the STP sign
My first (and, so far, last) attempt at video editing. 
I love this company...
This is serious mother.
vertigo The Birthday Party
Tracy Pew (R.I.P.) on bass..

Accidentally stumbled across these guys at a D>A>F gig at the Moonlight Club, 1980.  Things were never quite the same again.  I'm sure Nick nicked my Guinness at the next gig (Rock Garden, Covent Garden).  Then saw The BP dozens of time over the next few years.  Subsequentyhe Bad Seeds had another brilliant bassist; Barry Adamson from Magazine:
vertigo Barry Adamson
The Man with the Golden Arm
One of favourites is Mitch and Andy from The Murky World of Barry Adamson.

vertigo These Immortal Souls
Rowland S. Howard R.I.P.
Marry me (Lie! Lie!)
I hadn't seen RSH since 1984, then he played the Spiegel Tent, Sydney Opera House in Nov 2008.  We sat near the front -right in front of his portable amp.  We had ringing in our ears for two day after, it was a night to remember nevertheless...
Iceberg Weep CD cover

Sigur Ros


Crescendos to make even icebergs weep.
Iceland was a highlight of our visit to Europe in June 2008 - moments before the crash.
And an all time favourite collection  (thank to the Redeye CD labeller for the weeping quote).
vertigo Joy Division
great gig
Saw them support The Cure at Canterbury Odeon, June 1979.  They reminded me of the Doors at first (but never again).  Over the next six months I saw them all over London.  Unknown Pleasures still sounds as dark and pure and digital as the day I first heard it, and Shadowplay is its purest peak.  Pedro (Upton) calls them Dirge Battalion...
Kid Strange and Stoner
Doctors of Madness
You either love them or hate them.
Went to see their last gig at the Music Machine in Camdem, London.  This photo was taken in my solarization period...
Don't smile for me, Argentia
Suerealist Sics
Well this was really a band formed by Turts and Malcolm in Agony, Kent (formerly known as Ashford).  But here we have a few of the latterday protagonists at the infamous Stranglers gig in Battersea Park, circa 1978.  Peter ain't looking too happy - he's just had his jacket sleeve ripped by a security alsation (latterly known as a Germerman shepherd).
Half of the half dozen
vertigo Shriekback

vertigo Barry Andrews

vertigo The Very Things

Hoodlum Priests masterwork
Hoodlum Priest
Almost everything plus the wild remixes available as audio streams

Heart of Darkness

mpeg I and J frames create...
Evident Utensil

Datamoshing at it's very best?
Che & Sherwood
St Che
Be My... Powerstation

Sometimes something just clicks and short circuits my critical thing (only sometimes?)
Listen to Swelter, my jar of curdled cat's bile...
Doug Wimbish
(& Fats Comet)

Don't forget that beat

vertigo Here Come the Warm Jets

vertigo For Trainspotters

 And the best film soundtrack ever...(oh, what about Requiem for a Dream?)
vertigo SMACK
Edward Fox
"Anarchy should be a joyous thing: it should take place in the heart and mind, and speak to the heart and mind", "I think vandalism is poetic, as it's an expression of one human being's otherness", "I think human beings are incredibly tolerant; if they really sat down and thought about how they are mistreated, then there really would be a revolution..."
#45 in the NME's "Best Singles of 1980
vertigo Captain Beefheat
The man leading the planet by the nose
My favourite
              record store in Sydney
Redeye Records

My favourite record store, in Sydney.
                  great Martin Zero

Martin "Zero" Hannett

The genius behind the ultra pure and brittle sound of Unknown Pleasures

Sacnned Mark Zed Single from 1980 with actaul
                grooves and scratches


Mark Zed
alias Mark Newman

We're still looking for the master tapes of Situation Normal

Somehow lost touch with Mark Zed
... 1979-1980 was a haze of great bands and music.
Spent many hours listening to this being made in a recording studio in Soho.
Gave my copy to an acquaintance in 1980 and it wasn't until 2012 that I found this disc on Ebay.
Here it is digitized for your delectation, surface noise and clicks uniquely fingerprinting this 7"

My Calculator's Right / Give Me A Kick     7"  Gun AIM-002  06/80

Situation Normal / Give Me A Kick          7"   B&C BCS-24  02/81

Codpiece Groover

New Musical Express

Some time in the late eighties IPC started censoring it...and I lost interest.

Ray Lowry1   Ray lowry2

Not even a prime
Great Guitar Breaks

57 guitar thingies selected on the occasion of X's 57th birthday...

Get on backThe Lone
          Groover EP hits the streets,,,