Algorithmic Art

Just a few to be getting on with...hundreds more awaiting my web updates. 
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          art meets diffusion        Van der
          corput theorem incarnate
Anne's watercolour + diffusion                    Warping, wrapping, van der Corput...

accidentally generated
            Logarithmic spirals or hyperbolic phase?
Accidentally generated pattern........            Logarithmically spiralling

Re-entrant filtering of scale invarainat patterns
Gee, there's a lot of pink in these logarithmically spiralling filter effects...

        pass version of the underlying wiggles...
Then there's the wiggly bits (click on image)

Is it art or is it Michael Hrynevych's diffraction plot?
Scanned from Michael Hrynevych's PhD thesis with a few small gaps (4 scans...)

        entropy revisited
Very early results from my 2015 work on the unthinkables of image entropy
(rendered by ace GO coder Raul Vera)

        chased through water (Chobi River, Botwana)
Lioness chased by two male lions escapes through water...morphologically transformed.

Original photo (Sydney Botanic Gardens 2017)      After a bit of contouring, USM, morphology etc