Just some of the things on my Bedroom wall circa 1979-1984

Torm from an
              Imperial College wall


Fight back

just weird

F*cking great gig

The Quiet Men

Local Paper beat-up
Punks Face Ban
PUNK concerts at Ashford's Stour Centre may be banned by the council because of Saturday night's rampage.
A council committee is meeting on Monday to discover why the concert ended with a sea of broken beer glasses in the main hall, four smashed windows in the entrance and a bonfire underneath the building.
The concert was organised by the South K e n t C o l l e g e of Technology. It was advertised as an end of term celebration. It turned out to be a shambles with more
than 700 punks pouring in to see the last concert in the British tour of top group UK Subs.
Police worked overtime until daylight on Sunday rounding up and chasing out of town the hundreds of punks who caused chaos.
A council spokesman said on Tuesday they were treating it as a "very serious matter." The meeting will be attended by the borough recreation officer, the centre manager, the chairman of the Stour Centre sub-committee and the chairman of the amenities and recreation committee.  They will be discussing precautions against future punk rampages.

Kent Messenger report of the 28 July 1979 UK Subs debacle

Banned gig in
              Ashford 1979

Crass gig subsequently banned by the Ashford Council

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