The Lesser Spotted Musical Coincidence
A selection of my current faves. Harmonies in my head stumbled across over the years.

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Something's gone wrong again
"Something's Gone Wrong Again" 
which was the B side of
"Harmony in My Head"
by the Buzzcocks in 1979
According to wiki
"North American Scum" is the first single
from LCD Soundsystem's second album, Sound of Silver.   It was released on February 26, 2007
Out of the Blue
Roxy Music
Out of the Blue from Country Life (1974)
(I should mention that I really, really like this song).  Surely the best guitar phasing effects since the Small Faces' Itchycoo Park and Nirvana's Rainbow Chaser?
Assault and Battery from their 1975 album Warrior on the Edge of Time
(I should mention that I'm not a big fan of this song.
Unlike most others on this page this coincidence
was first spotted by the delectable Anne.)
Cajun folk tune
Charlie Haden, Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry and Billy Higgins
Change of the century
Ian Dury and the Blockheads
Sex & Drugs & Rock&Roll
Ian Dury comes clean about the baseline from their truly transcendental single. Bass line stolen from Charlie, in turn stolen from a Cajun folk tune.  Maybe there is a good reason to steal tunes after all...
spectrogram from GoldWave of 10538 Overture
ELO (1972)
10538 Overture
An old favourite that I thought was the B-side of Rollover Beethoven, but I may be wrong...
Paul Weller
Changing Man  on the 1995 album Stanley Road
When I first heard this in 1998 I immediately recognised 10538 notes.  According to WIKI it was co written by Jeff Lynne, with might make it self-plagiarism
                  Divsion's Glass sandwiched into Stooges'Penetration
Iggy and The Stooges
Raw Power (1973)
I was just pouring an espresso and catching up with some Joy Division tracks I don't seem to have on CD, and it just jumped out (I'd been revisiting my original copy of Raw Power recently) ...that's The Stooges surely!!!!!
Joy Division
Here is a short mp3 sandwich of the two with crossovers at 42.5 seconds and 68.5 seconds, so you can judge.

Taurus appeared on first Spirit album in 1969
Taurus (
released January 22, 1968)
Wow! what a polarising issue this became.  I will avoid taking sides and analyse instead the implications of the ruling.  I can now rip-off all the neat tunes I want to create my own stairway to heaven (slow, slow) or highway to hell (quick, quick) or road to nowhere (slow).  I can obfuscate and annihilate any legal copyright claim by separating the underlying structure from the written chord sequence and rebuilding with different chords.  I can use this wonderfully inventive and creative software (Cognitone's Harmony Navigator) to help.  Watch this space______
Led Zeppelin
Stairway to Heaven (
released 8 November 1971)
The LA federal court jury was not allowed to listen to a comparison of the two songs in question.  That would have biased their interpretation; apparently.  Anyway legal copyright boils down to the sheet music it seems.

Ruins of the spirit of runes
Postscript (23 June 2016)
"...defence witnesses testified that the chord pattern used in the intro to Stairway was so commonplace that copyright didn't apply." Essentially Led Zeppelin convinced the jury that the the first 2 minutes of their 8 minute opus are really nothing special!  Led Zeppelin may or may not have deliberately copied Spirit's tune without due credit, but nobody (legally at least) cares.
The jury ruled that even though Plant had access to “Taurus” and that Skidmore and Spirit’s estate had copyright to “Taurus,” the “original elements of Spirit’s song are not extrinsically similar” to “Stairway”

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