Rawa-deja vu II
the sensation of suddenly realising (again) that you can do something reprehensible, and no-one is there to witness it

Stiff records 2015 style
Stiff Records' unforgettable slogan comes back to life in 2015 with a viagra & botox cocktail...
                  Singularity that started and stopped Banking as we                  Know It
From a primeval soup of CDSs and CDOs emerged the one dimensional financial universe we know.
Too Big To Fail.  Too Fat To Frug
                  is easy, but Zero is positively less than neglible
The Man Who Knew Zeros.  Yeah, that's me.
If you know anyone who knows less than me, let me know.

Even with all those pharmaceuticals they couldn't keep it up. 
Blame gravity waves.
Sex and drugs and rock and roll. Is all my brain and body need...
Poor Impulse Control
Poor Impulse Control made me do it...
As Neal Stephenson observed
All information looks like noise until you break the code.

Depends on your perspective...

Coming to a billboard near you...
Google Stooges Search and Destroy Engine

Why just Google search when you can Search AND Destroy with
Iggy and the Stooges?
No point
                submitting if you don't know an editor...

You just try writing for a prestigious journal with a glacial review process
                Census Debacle with a touch of farrago

"...you can stick your (2016 ABS) census in your ear, you won't get any data here..."
BHP and ABS dig themselves big holes...aka bureauing, I mean burrowing:
The Census website is unavailable. 
We apologise for the inconvenience.
There will be no fines for completing the Census after August 9.
We will keep you updated.

Clonmacnoise on the banks of the Shannon River
Clonmacnoise is situated in County Offaly, Ireland on the River Shannon

Clonmacnoise on theapproaches to Shannon Entropy
One Third Irish?  Time travel and recursion meet my once and only favourite fishing spot

Clonmacnoise and the concept of Shannon
Clonmacnoise Castle, not far from Swim-Two-Birds
Blast from my misspent millennium (2000+)
The Seinfeld
                Conjecture: that the New King of Science Stephen Wolfram                is really the Philosopher and Ethicist George Costanza.
The Seinfeld Conjecture:
the New King of Science Stephen Wolfram is really the Philosopher and Ethicist George Costanza.

Four years optomechanical design at Rank-Xerox and
                I GET THIS!

Opto-mechanical design at Xerox was rarely more than a factor of root two out......

National Entropy Guarantee
The NEG: Australia's National Entropy Guarantee explained...