21 More or Lesser-Known word sequences
Where & When
You've got to keep your beam and stay tweezered
Ian Dury
Page 12, NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS September 11th, 1976
Watch your topknot – and keep your eye to the skyline.
Jeremiah Johnson
or Captain Beefheart's (Don Van Vliet) farewell to Drumbo
Mr. Farebrother, my dear sir, is a man deeply painful to contemplate
 Mr. Bulstrode
Chapter 13, Middlemarch by George Elliot
He is not indeed an author adapted to superficial minds
Mr. Casaubon on Aquinas
Ch 28 Middlemarch 
I trust I may be excused ... and especially from guests whose desultory vivacity makes their presence a fatigue.
Mr. Casaubon Ch 29 Middlemarch 
I don’t know enough about wavelets to hate them…
I don't remember, I can't recall.
Chris de B…..???? Are you mad?
Do I seriously look like someone who would work with Chris de Burgh??
Tim Friese-Greene
(ex- Talk Talk)
Bombay Arts Review
...it is never too early of a morning for sapient colloquy.
Likewise, never is it too late of an evening either.
Good Fairy
At Swim-Two-Birds by Flann O'Brien
Words whose utter inanity proved his insanity
Narrator on 
The Banker's Fate
Fit the Seventh, The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll
The evolution of the brain not only overshot the needs of prehistoric man, it is the only example of evolution providing a species with an organ which it does not know how to use.
Arthur Koestler The Ghost in the Machine (1967)
A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because it’s opponents simply die off. Science progresses one funeral at a time.
Max Planck
Scientific Autobiography and Other Papers, circa 1949
Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas.  If it’s original, you’ll have to ram it down their throats
Howard Aiken

The more original a discovery, the more obvious it seems afterward Arthur Koestler
'Yes . . .' (Beede yanked on his trusty, old pair of mental crampons and kicked them, grimly, into the vertical rockface of his self-control).
'Yes. Purple.'
Darkmans by Nicola Barker
With a roof over his head he had ceased work, living off his pension and his wits, both hopelessly inadequate
Narrator on Milligan
Chapter 1, Puckoon by Spike Milligan
Los Angeles (“zombie central,” sniffs Adam)
Only Lovers Left Alive by Jim Jarmusch
He did not look at Shiner anymore. He hadn't looked in three years. Once you'd looked, there was nothing else to know. You'd know his bone marrow in a beaker.
Cosmopolis by Don Delillo
    "True creativity often starts where language ends."
Arthur Koestler
Keep saying nothing. Joe Larkin Snr The Prince of Orange (Public House)
 Can you, for a moment, imagine how depressing it is to teach five centuries of masculine ineptitude?
Mrs. Lintott The History Boys by Alan Bennett
The fact that the author thinks slowly is not serious, but the fact that he publishes faster than he thinks is inexcusable
Wolfgang Pauli

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.
Winston Churchill

Minimalism is a wonderful thing, but you can have too much of it. Tim Friese-Greene
Bombay Arts Review