Is it
                Kieran or is it Gez? Supposition or superposition?
A complex identity crisis crystallises*
A slight diversion; why did I leave England to come to Australia? Why am I called Kieran at work and Gez at home?
The Triffids Errors in my birth certificate
The Birthday Party (almost every London gig...)
Nick stole my Guinness on 28/08/1980 - London, Covent Garden, Rock Garden.  Can I have it back by 2014?
Actually written Kieran Gerard (named after my father's father)
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Should have been Gerald Kieran (my mother disliked the name Kieran...)
The Moodists Age 0->18 everyone (family, friends, school etc) calls me Gerald (or Gez for short)
Dame Edna Everidge Then university insists I use the name in my birth certificate/passport
Skippy So I start using my name Kieran in university related matters
The Magic Boomerang Usually it's just too hard to explain why Gez and not Kieran, so I use Kieran
To get away from  Margaret Thatcher's (and Milton Friedman's)
soulless monetarism and the gargantuan greed of the 1980s

(little did I guess that the 1990s and 2000s would go even further...)
I remember first meeting my new London flat-mate Howard in 1982:
"Hi, my name is Kieran, but all my friends call me Gez."
"Pleased to meet you Kieran."
An Australian physio called Bruce
Two more cells to fill; the phrase Machiavellian chicanery works well here.
Barry McKenzie movies
Relentless optimism fills the last cell so I can now point new acquaintances to this page...
*My thanks to Ivan R. for suggesting that I may be a complex superposition of eigenstates.        
    Who is
          the lone groover?