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Been looking for you...
Kieran G. Larkin

a long sequence of image processing
                          arrves here eventually
(Also Known As Gez Larkin).    Now you're here sit down, relax, have a cup of tea, but be careful what you click for...  {[(|...|)]}
Why should anyone care?  Should there be a narcissism alert?  How small is that font by the way?  and other deep questions are simply not answered here.


Classical parabolic phase
                        fringe....and really bad reviews

Academic Cornucopia 

Classical parabolic phase
                        fringe Latterly Liked Links

Algorithmic Art

Generated trivially by the very
                                    wonderful Eigenbroetler
Fads and Fallacies in Image Processing
two to tango toooooohClarified by Oscar Ducat

  Google Scholar does a nice job...

Optics Express has some recent work:

  Are fingerprints holograms?

  Energy operators in two dimensions

  Erdös 4                Bunduki 7

  Fave Colour co-ords 135,0,135

Lucky number      257885161-1

 Fave Fourier Theorem: Bluestein's

Quantum Physics
finally sorted
after 90+ years of improbable
probability paradoxes

Queue QBism
Surely the most exciting development in decades?

If my circles could be spirals...

what an eye sore...

Half a century of photographic evidence archived here

And my schooling in SARCaSM

Rockpool snail tracks...

Art copies nature

EXAM Questions...

Inspiration...this is the day

wind up the
                          phase discontinuities or else... touching the void...

Proof that not quite every episode of Desert Island Discs is BORING and full of deadly MOR muzak.
I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day...

Ace Audio

Classical parabolic phase
                        fringePast & present faves...
           & a few old ticket stubs
     & some old posters


Classical parabolic phase
                        fringeDistilled over years

Mostly Miscellaneous

Classical parabolic phase
                        fringe  You choose: rawa-dawa, or
rawa-deja vu two,
the very dimmest past, or
an end of century obscurity

Patent Necessity...

...............is the mother of invention

My Australian Patents

US Patents             Granted

European Patents

++ Rare & strange snippets on MP3

St Che:  Be My...Powerstation
               (Just one of my top 1000 tracks)
St Ché:  The Exquisite Act (excerpt)
             (by Ché ‎ & The Wood of Worlds, now on YouTube...)
Vintage John Peel Show
(from my Sony ST-5950-SD FM Stereo Tuner and
TC-377 reel to reel, BBC Radio 1,  London 1979-1988):
25 years in Australia

Some local graffiti

mortlake graffiti

Found on a derelict factory wall in Mortlake, Sydney.  Over 4 metres long this is competition for Banksy
Favourite Recipes
                      Cep, or Porcini Mushroom
Delectable Word Patterns

When I have fears that I may
cease to be
Before my pen has glean'd my teeming brain

[John Keats]
Textures,TextYours, TechsChores
Lankayan Island Fish
In mathematics beauty is the first test.
But in videos...

Logarithmic Spiral intersecting...
Can't be bothered?

Favourite Rants
Yes indeed, I'm an obscure rantist
Is it hot in
It's My Party
30 years of pointless paper party invites
All tomorrow's parties yesterday
The very wonderful Shend spins out of control...
                  have you done to my portrait?
Don't forget the Cravats, and The Very Things, and DCL Locomotive
Independent Contract Research...
Contract research

Maximum Miscellany
Don't try
                      this at home folks
Everyone should try Podcasting
The farewell present I'd always dreamed of...

From a T-shirt bought in Thailand 1988


2-D Fourier Transform Software

It's amazing what you can do in a short time

rotating warp vector
              and fringe pattern
Rotating warp vector
              effect on Fourier transform
3rd June 2016 Update using the free HTML editor SeaMonkey
Still lots more to come...(I really must find more time from somewhere...)
Lone Groover EP spins out of
Phase Shifting Algorithms....
                errors are just weird
quantization errors have a strange appeal (TBD)

I've… seen things you people wouldn't believe… Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those… moments… will be lost in time, like [small cough] tears… in… rain. Time… to die...
Roy Batty

Hoodlum Priest's 1990 homage
My audio alienation
From my next album
real soon now...
Gormenghast, that is, the main massing of the original stone...
Arundel Castle as the inspiration for Mervyn Peake